Cristina’s focus on language awareness – becoming aware of how languages work – gave rise to an innovative and effective learning and teaching system. This system translates the new (or old!) language one wishes to learn in terms of an individual’s innate capacity to use language, which is termed ‘intuitive grammar’.
When applied to foreign language acquisition, the intuitive grammar simplifies the learning process, making it surprisingly accessible and simple.

Mastering the grammar of the Portuguese language is a challenge in a country like Brazil that has such relatively low educational attainment. But what if it were possible to master Portuguese from concrete, daily and naturalistic uses?
This is exactly what Cristina’s Intuitive Grammar seeks to achieve. She shows how to use intuition to understand Portuguese – or any other language – in a unique and effective way. The Intuitive Grammar is a proposal to forever make peace with our mothertongue (Brazilian Portuguese) as it is.

This approach originated the book Uma Gramática Intuitiva (2013, Ed. EPU).

Benefits of the Intuitive Grammar, the resource underlying Connectaction and Word Management:

  • Fosters word knowledge by taking word use to a conscious level;
  • Provides objective and accessible resources to qualify communication;
  • Prompts communication autonomy;
  • Builds foreign language knowlegde entirely on topics of interest to Connectee.