Cristina’s innovative approach required a new name: connectaction is about communicating, yes, but it is also about awareness, and ultimately about increased consciousness.
It works on the potential of words to become tools for indivdual and collective transformation.
Connectacting leads to understanding how words function and how they connect us, or fail to connect us, to all we do. How words function has nothing to do with cold grammar rules; it addresses natural everyday language use and discloses the relation between words and what they mean in a sentence, in a text, in life as a text. The objective of Connectaction is to show how important and valuable the mastery of this relation is in all we do and in all we communicate.


See the institutional video about Connectaction and find out more!

Connectactees seek Cristina’s help for three main reasons:

  1. to learn and improve their English (Brazilians);
  2. to learn and improve their Portuguese (foreigners);
  3. to align their communicative patterns with life and professional goals.

Focus on English or Portuguese as a foreign language – how is it done:

For beginners – through an innovative approach with accelerated language acquisition;
For intermediate and advanced level learners – through communication improvement, improved structure, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Focus on communication and goals alignment – achieved through:

  • Critical analysis of one’s own communicative patterns;
  • Words as a laboratory for development;
  • Revealing underlying patterns in word choice;
  • Establishing and wording goals; and
  • Constant reflection and practice.