Cristina A Schumacher has given talks to companies, teachers and general audiences.

Temas Propostos

Corporate Lectures

  • Showing How Words Do More Than Communicate;
  • Paths for Managing Interpersonal Relations and Self-development Via Word Use;
  • The Leader’s Words;
  • The Followers’ Words;
  • What Happens When The Same Responses are Given to the Same Questions;
  • Developing Original Communication and Its Benefits;
  • The 4 Types of Information;
  • The Value of Questions;
  • Asking Right Leads to Right Replying;
  • Conscious Choices and Pathos Patterns: Apathy, Antipathy, Sympathy, Empathy;
  • Simplicity and Alignment OF THINKING, SPEAKING AND ACTING;
  • What is Behind Truly Effective Communication?

Lectures for Teachers of Foreign Languages and Portuguese as a Foreign Language

  • Intuitive Grammar ­- focus on learners’ language awareness;
  • Culture ­- cultural influence and its role in language teaching;
  • Storytelling -­ stories in everything: how to create contexts to explain word meaning.