For corporate teams aiming to improve their communication effectiveness (and resulting actions) – how is it achieved?
thorugh analysis of interactions, identifying and rebuilding patterns according to managerial, personal and interpersonal goals.
Preceeded by diagnosing process.

Proposed Topics

International Communication Workshops

  • The following three workshops provide techniques for qualifying international communication. They provide strategies and practices to improve company/team image and reduce recurring communication noises through awareness and manipulaiton of cultural traits in communication.
  • English Pronunciation ­- patterns, correction and clarification of common mistakes;
  • English Structure -­ from a database of common mistakes raised during over 20 years of interviewing executives and checking corporate communications in Brazil;
  • English Vocabulary­ – understanding words: how they are formed, how they are used;
    Applying and increasing knowledge potential

This is essential work for Brazilian teams as the observation of their written and oral production shows recurring low levels of awareness of word functions and types, which affect communication clarity and overall quality.

How long? 2 to 8 hours depending on topic and depth of approach

Word Management Workshops for corporate teams address:

  • Interaction patterns;
  • reaction to words and local/organisational culture;
  • Influence of words on communication and relationships;
  • Communication strategies; and
  • Word as tools for communication analysis and development.